Smash, the new way to send & share (super) big files for everyone.

It's super fast, secure and your files are stored in your country, in United States United States flag

It's super fast, secure and your files are stored in your country, in Canada Canada flag

It's super fast, secure and your files are stored in your country, in Irlande Irlande flag

It's super fast, secure and your files are stored in your country, in France French flag

It's super fast, secure and your files are stored in your country, in Germany German flag

It's super fast, secure and your files are stored in your country, in United Kingdom United Kingdom flag

It's super fast, secure and your files are stored in Europe. EU flag

It's super fast, secure and responsible.

More than 5 million users
and 12,000 customers in United States.

More than 5 million users
and 12,000 customers in Canada.

More than 5 million users
and 12,000 customers in Irlande.

More than 5 million users
and 12,000 customers in France.

More than 5 million users
and 12,000 customers in Germany.

More than 5 million users
and 12,000 customers in United Kingdom.

More than 5 million users
and 12,000 customers in Europe.

More than 5 million users
and 12,000 customers.

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See what sets Smash apart

Smash lets you easily and securely send large files or folders, and confirm delivery or download, through powerful file transfer features.

Send your files,with no size limit

File Transfer

Send your files,
with no size limit

Sending files has never been easier with Smash. It only takes a few clicks, or a drag and drop, to send large files of any size and type. Neither you nor your recipients need to have a Smash account. Smash is also available on Outlook, macOS, iOS, Android and through an API/SDK for developers.

Keep an eye on your transfer activity

Delivery Tracking

Keep an eye on your
transfer activity

Even once sent, track your transfers. Be the firsts informed of your transfers success thanks to download notifications. With Smash, you’ll know everything about: number of downloads, openings, by whom, when… You have everything in hand to contact the right person, at the best time.

Make a strong impression with your transfer

Customization (URL, logo, wallpaper, links)

Make a strong impression

Take advantage of each transfer to promote and enhance your brand. By personalizing your transfers, you make them 100% your own, from their creation to their reception by the recipient. The immersion in your universe starts as soon as the transfer is accessed, via a personalized URL with your name and a customized name for the link, then with your own wallpapers (images or videos) and logo, which is also included in the transfer follow-up emails. Wow effect guaranteed for the recipient! Discover some examples.

Promote your activity through your transfer

Promotional pop-ins

Promote your activity

In addition to customizing the design of the transfers as well as follow-up emails, Smash gives you the opportunity to distribute promotional content during the download time of your files. Your transfers become a real communication tool. For example, broadcast a promotional video of your business...the range of possibilities is endless!

Get peace of mind with your large files

Security & environment

Get peace of mind

In addition to being encrypted, in transit and at rest, and stored closest to you (in London for example), your transfers are always ephemeral. You choose their availability period, then, they are deleted at the end of this period. The days are numbered to access your files and you help reduce the carbon footprint. The planet says thanks for using Smash!

The best file transfer service you need, the features you’ll love

They use Smash to send and share their big files

Millions of people and businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises, use Smash's website, apps and APIs to send and receive big files (images, videos, audio, documents).

Our current fav’

They talk about Smash

Innovations, news, interviews... the media are putting the (right) words about Smash and talking about a good way! Just like our users and content creators, who use Smash on a daily basis and share their positive experiences on YouTube.

Stewart Hicks talk about Smash Transfer

Stewart Hicks

366K subscribers

As a content creator and a designer, I’m constantly in a position of sending large files. The best option I found to solve this problem is Smash.
Javier Letosa talk about Smash Transfer

Javier Letosa

111K subscribers

I highly recommend Smash if you are a photographer. It’s extremely fast to send files and my clients can preview the files without needed to download.
Balo talk about Smash Transfer


295K subscribers

The great thing about Smash is that you can customize the download page. It’s pretty cool and professional in front of the clients who download my files.

Why Smash is better than other file transfer services?

Transfer Size

No size limit

2 GB

File upload time*

File storage locations

US, UK, 7+

Only in US & UK

Free Plan

Paid Plans for Pro & Teams

From $4.80 /month

From $10 /month

Enterprise Plan (SSO & SCIM)

Smash Logo

3 min. for 5 GB



WeTransfer Logo

6 min. for 5 GB



Developer Plan (API & SDK)



*5 GB file sent over 1Gbps connection from Paris, France.
Date of comparison: April 9, 2023.

Learn and level up

Discover how Smash is the best way to send large files or folders online with our guides.

How To Send Large Video Files in 2024

Video files are everywhere in our all digitalized lives. Find out 7 efficients ways to send large video files.

How To Send Large Files in 2024

In your daily life or occasionally, you probably need to send large files. Let us introduce you 6 ways to send these files in minutes.

How To Send Large Files Through Email

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know before transferring large files.

  • Smash is the best way to send (super) big files.

    A service where everything is possible, since all files and all folders are welcome here. Any size, without any limits, very easily and quickly.

    Send anything on Smash, any time, for free (or at low cost).

  • Smash is much more than a file transfer service.

    We have designed a (super) simple, efficient and rewarding service. The file transfer is without any limits, secured and ultra fast.

    To obtain results that meet your expectations and our ambitions, we have put in place the necessary resources: we have developed algorithms designed to offer you exceptional speeds : sendinf files on Smash is up to 5 times faster than competitors. Storage as close to the user as possible also plays a role in the speed of your uploads: your files travel only a short distance to our servers, so they arrive at their destination very quickly!

    The icing on the cake is stability, no matter what your internet connection is, the performance of our upload/download systems is there, for successful transfers, in all conditions.

    Without forgetting that with Smash, every sending of files is a way to boost your brand. By customizing your background, logo, promotional pop-ins, you can give your recipients a real eyeful. With Smash, your transfers are unique, just like you.

    Thanks to its performance and diversity of features, Smash meets the expectations of all professionals and companies, despite their different activities and needs. Smash’s clients include independant professionals, companies with 2 or 10 employees, as well as heavyweights in their sector (Universal Music, Komatsu, Shutterstock, etc).

    Yes, even the biggest companies entrust us with their files.

    Oh yes, did we mention we’re french?

  • Experience freedom and unlimited uploads with our offers. With our completely free offer Smash Free you will have access to an exceptional service for sending large files. If you opt for one of our paid offers, by the month or by the year, alone or with your company's collaborators, you will benefit from the advanced features.

    Smash Pro is €4,80 per month. Smash Team, up to 25 users, for €12 per month. Take a look at our current promotional offers!

    No contract, no commitment

  • Your files, always close to you! When you send files with Smash, they are stored on servers closest to the user, in 9 regions of the world. For example, in London for UK residents, in Frankfurt for Germans etc.

    More info about file storage, on our dedicated page, just here

  • We are serious about security - yours and your files. That's why we use engineering tools and practices to secure access to personal data, through encryption techniques that are among the highest standards in the industry. Transfers are encrypted in transit and at rest. Also, to reinforce security and protect against attacks, we have security audits performed by external service providers (Vaadata, NBS System).

    Your transfers can be password-protected, so access the files they contain is top secret. The availability period of your files is also an ally for security: you can use this feature to make your files available for a short period (one day, for example). An effective way to combine spontaneity and security.

    More info about security on our dedicated page, here

  • Smash is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, through the ephemeral availability of all file transfers made on its service. File uploads are always available for a limited time: from 1 to 30 days maximum. Also, through a study to measure its environmental impact, in collaboration with Utopies, Smash has shown that using its service, compared to sending a file by email with an attachment, reduced CO2e emissions by 90% in 2020. Despite its digital-only status and the environmental impact that implies, Smash is an alternative in reducing the impact of digital and CO2e emissions. In short, the planet thanks you for using Smash!

  • After many requests and much patience, our users' wishes have finally been fulfilled: the Smash API is now public. Designed and created for developers, by developers, it aims to offer considerable time savings to teams wishing to send and receive big files via their websites, applications, SaaS solutions, or any custom business cases. The Smash API, which handles petabytes of data from the creation of the file transfer service, integrates in minutes and ensures secure, efficient and reliable file transfers.

    Learn more: