Comparing Smash vs. WeTransfer

Want to send heavy stuff quickly and securely? With Smash, you can take it to the next level.

WeTransfer Vs Smash

When comparing the best WeTransfer alternatives, Smash seems to be the best choice. Let's compare all features in details of the French alternative VS the Dutch market leader and have an overview of all Smash' advantages.

WeTransfer vs Smash: free versions put to the test

If you only need to send large files occasionally, on Smash, we have thought of you and we offer a free version, with no file size limit, as on all our offers. On WeTransfer, the free version limits you to only 2GB in file size. As Smash free version has so more benefits than its main competitor, we can call it the WeTransfer Free. Also, at the time that WeTransfer is down, Smash will be the most helpful file transfer service to let you send your big files, easily, for free, without any troubles.

On Smash free version, there is no constraints: you can send big files without registration and without needing to verify your email address before uploading files. Unlike WeTransfer, where registration and email verification are required. These are some of the reasons why Smash is the best WeTransfer without registration alternative.

On Smash, you'd be surprised at the file upload and download speeds. Our performance is up to 5 times faster than WeTransfer. This speed is made possible by our technology and infrastructure, which allows us to store the files sent as close as possible to the users. On WeTransfer, the files are stored in Europe or the United States.

On WeTransfer, if you want your recipients to have a preview of the sent files before downloading them, it is possible, but the preview is only available for one type of file: images.

On Smash, the recipient can preview the files without even having to download them and select the files they are interested in, for images, but also video and audio files.

To give your transfer a personal touch, even in the free version, with Smash you can name the sharing link as you wish. On WeTransfer, this customisation option is reserved for paid offers.

In addition to this free service, which is good for your wallet, Smash is the best alternative to WeTransfer.

Free Plans
Transfer size limit
Up to 2GB
File upload Time*
1.20 min. for 2 GB
2.40 min. for 2 GB
Transfer availability period
Up to 7 days
Up to 7 days
File preview
Images, videos & audio
Customization of the file transfers links
File storage the closest to the user

*2 GB file sent over 1Gbps connection from Paris, France.
Date of comparison: January 11, 2024.

No Registration. And Free.

WeTransfer versus Smash: compare prices, one offer for every need

On WeTransfer, by choosing the annual package of the Pro offer, you spend 10€ per month to send files whose size is limited to 200GB.These files can be stored for life, for an unlimited period of availability, up to a maximum size of 1TB.

On Smash, by choosing the annual package of the Pro offer, you spend 6€ per month to send files, up to 250GB per transfer, versus 200GB on WeTransfer. With Smash, you have more freedom to send the large files of your choice, according to your needs or desires. Once sent, your files are available for a maximum of 30 days, which you can adjust as you wish, with one day being the minimum. File transfers on Smash are therefore always ephemeral, helping to reduce the carbon footprint and promoting digital responsibility. WeTransfer, on the other hand, has no such commitments, offering unlimited storage.

Save money, save freedom, save time.

On WeTransfer, with the Premium offer dedicated to company employees, you pay 228€ per year per person (19€/month/person).

On Smash, the Smash Team offer dedicated to company employees is much better thought out: the offer is per package, for up to 10 people, at the rate of 180€/year (15€/month). The package offer greatly simplifies the management of the teams' file sending needs.

For very large companies, WeTransfer does not have an adapted offer.

At Smash, the Enterprise package includes all the classic features of our service, as well as advanced security and management features: single sign-on (SSO), provisioning (SCIM), multi-team administration, custom CNAME, etc.

Paid Plans
Pro (Monthly plan)
US$ 10 /month
US$ 12 /month
Pro (1-year plan)
US$ 6 /month
US$ 10 /month
Pro (2-year plan)
US$ 4,80 /month
US$ 10 /month
Team (Monthly plan)
US$ 25 /month
US$ 575 /month
Team (1-year plan)
US$ 15 /month
US$ 475 /month
Team (2-year plan)
US$ 12 /month
US$ 475 /month
No offer

No Registration. And Free.

WeTransfer vs Smash: a plugin Outlook to send large files via email?

WeTransfer makes it possible to send large files by e-mail, if you go to the website first. By generating links on WeTransfer, you'll be able to paste them into your e-mail and send files larger than 2GB (only if you're a Pro subscriber). You'll then be able to exceed the attachment size limits imposed by e-mail clients such as Outlook.

However, you'll have to quit Outlook and use the website to be able to send an e-mail with large files.

Smash, on the other hand, simplifies the sending of large files by e-mail, thanks to its Outlook plugin. Once again, it stands out from its main competitor, which does not offer an Outlook add-in.

With the Smash plugin for Outlook, you can send large files or folders directly from Outlook, without having to access a website. Using the Outlook add-in, you can send large files by e-mail without any constraints, unlike sending e-mails with attachments, whose size is always limited to 20MB by Outlook. Also, attachments are always stored indefinitely, both on the sender's and the recipient's servers, whereas with the Smash add-in, files are only stored for a short time. So, by using the Smash plugin, you're making a contribution to digital responsibility.

Thanks to the Smash plugin, you can send your large files by e-mail, protecting them with a password, while staying informed of file downloads, without leaving Outlook.

To take advantage of these benefits directly from Outlook, via the Smash plugin, a Smash subscription is required.

Easy. Secure. Responsible.

WeTransfer vs Smash: which one has the fastest upload speed?

On WeTransfer, if you try to send a larger than 2GB file, you won't be able to do so with the free version, and sending will take much longer and be slower than on Smash.

On Smash, sending a 2GB file is just as efficient as sending a smaller or larger file, thanks to the robustness and reliability of the system. The speed required to send 2GB files is 1min20, compared with 2min40 on WeTransfer, i.e. half the time on Smash as on the Dutch leader.

To achieve faster speeds than its main competitor, Smash can rely on the daily work of its teams and its technological infrastructure.

Thanks to this technological infrastructure, the files sent by Smash are stored as close as possible to the users, on one of the 9 servers around the world: in Ile-de-France, London, Frankfurt, on the east coast of the United States, and so on. The proximity of the storage location has a strong positive impact on the speed of file transfer to the recipient.

With WeTransfer, files are only stored on servers in Europe and the United States, so there is little transparency as to where they are stored.

Smash WeTransfer
2GB file upload time* 1.20min 2.40min

*2 GB file sent over 1Gbps connection from Paris, France.
Date of comparison: January 11, 2024.

No Registration. And Free.

WeTransfer vs Smash: compare customization features

We know how sending files is an opportunity to leverage your brand identity.

On WeTransfer's paid packages, you send your files from your own named URL with a customised background.

On Smash's paid plans, the customization of the file upload and download pages goes far beyond what WeTransfer offers. Files are also sent or uploaded from a custom URL, with a custom background.

In addition, there is a custom logo in the centre of the page, as well as promotional screens during the file upload and download times. These screens can be used as real communication tools: they display photos or videos related to your news. For example, you can communicate on your latest achievement, your showreel, your portfolio...

On WeTransfer, you can't customise the name of your transfer link, versus Smash where you can enjoy this customization feature.

On Smash, the customization is global, right down to the name of the link: the recipient immediately has a clue about the contents he will find in the transfer, as soon as he gets the link!

On WeTransfer, the customization features are reserved for the Pro and Premium offers, whereas on Smash, the link name customisation is also available on the free version. 

And on top of that, add to all these customization features advantages, the availability of the CNAME feature for Smash for Enterprise susbcribers. The customization is at 100%, as even the URL of your uploading and downloading pages are at your name. For example:

Your recipients/clients are in a web universe of confidence and reassured while they receive files from you. With WeTransfer, senders as well as recipients can’t enjoy much customization features.

Core features
Sub-domain customization
Background customization
Logo customization
Customization of the file transfers links
Promotional pop-ins
Promotional pop-ins
Promotional pop-ins are the screens that appear during file upload/download. Use them as a communication space, to broadcast and promote your news to your recipients, while they download your transfers.

No Registration. And Free.

WeTransfer vs Smash: which options for managing multiple users?

While WeTransfer does not offer a package designed to meet the needs of all employees of very large companies, Smash has several features to facilitate and control the use of many users.

With our Smash Enterprise plan, you can assign different roles/permissions to each employee, depending on their status in the company for example. They can also be attached to one or more departments in the company, so that files can be sent on behalf of each department. In addition, multi-team management is simplified.

For the most optimal and secure management of these users, Smash provides companies with single sign-on (SSO) and provisioning (SCIM).

Sending files is very simple for company employees, as is managing them for IT teams. Not all of these options are available from the Dutch market leader WeTransfer.

Administrative tools
User management
Roles/permission management
Group management
Multi-team administration
Single sign-on (SSO) integrations
Provisionning (SCIM)

No Registration. And Free.

WeTransfer vs Smash: how secure are your files?

WeTransfer protects its transfers by password, except for those made by users of the free version. This is an interesting feature, but one that the Dutch leader does not make available to everyone, unlike Smash.

On Smash, your transfers can always be protected by a password. Security is paramount, for all users, without any distinction: users of the free version, the Pro, Team or Enterprise offer.

In addition to password protection, file storage is an important consideration when sending large files.

On WeTransfer, files are stored in Europe or the United States. This is good, but it is sometimes very far from the user and has an impact on the sending speed. In addition, the information about the storage location is very opaque, versus Smash which is completely transparent.

Indeed, the files are always stored as close as possible to the user: on one of the closest servers, among the 9 we have around the world. For example, English people who send their files with Smash have their files stored in London.

WeTransfer and Smash share the same data encryption method: on both services, data is encrypted in transit and at rest, using SSL/TLS and AES 256-bit encryption.

256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption
Password protection for transfers
Anti-virus protection for transfers
Encryption via HSM
Security audits

No Registration. And Free.

WeTransfer vs Smash: a public API to send and receive large files?

On WeTransfer, uploading and sharing large files is made easy with a number of features, but the Dutch leader limits itself to offering a file transfer service via its website.

At Smash, we know how difficult it can be to integrate sending and receiving large files in a development environment. To put an end to this, the Smash API is now public.

The API comes into play to simplify the day-to-day life of developers and to achieve considerable time and efficiency savings in the companies life.

The Smash API takes only 10 minutes and 5 lines of code to get started. The integration on your website, mobile app, SaaS is extremely smooth thanks to the SDK provided. Our API adapts to all web/mobile/workflow development needs and projects: sending files, receiving files, automating file sending...

Heavy file transfers are simple, efficient and reliable: this same API is used to send petabytes of data since the creation of Smash.

You too can transfer and share your large files thanks to our API: take advantage of a 14-day and 100GB free trial. No credit card required.

No Registration. And Free.

WeTransfer vs Smash: the pros and cons of the two services

WeTransfer is the best-known file transfer service, but it has its drawbacks and it's expensive.

You can send files with WeTransfer, but you'll quickly see the limits, starting with the free version, where transfers are limited to 2GB and there is no password protection. With the paid packages, you'll have more freedom, but you'll still be limited to 1TB of storage, or no limits if you agree to pay €228 per year.

If you want to roll out WeTransfer to everyone in your large company, you'll have to make do with the existing subscriptions, which aren't suitable for businesses. You'll also be faced with few customisation options, to get download links that reflect your company's image.

Pros Cons
Quality user experience High rates
Storage options File size limits
Two-factor authentication No Enterprise plan
Unlimited availability of transfers Few customisation options

Smash is the main challenger to WeTransfer, thanks to its unlimited, modern, secure and responsible file transfer service.

On Smash, you can simply send files of any size, of any type, without any limits or constraints. It doesn't matter whether you're a user of the free version or a subscriber to one of the paying packages - if you wish, your transfers are password-protected.

The validity of files sent is limited to 7 or 30 days, with a view to limiting the carbon footprint associated with file storage.

Smash has a paid subscription for all needs and for companies of all sizes, for just €6 a month (or €72 a year) for Smash Pro or €180 a year for companies that want to allow up to 25 employees to send large files.

File transfers with Smash are rewarding for companies and reassuring for recipients, who download files from links that are 100% personalised with the sender's image (logo, wallpaper, promotional pop-ins, URL).

Pros Cons
Without size limits Limited period of validity
Free plan
Low subscription rates
Storage as close as possible to the user
Numerous security features
Many customization features
Transfers ephemerals

No Registration. And Free.

Seems like they don’t miss WeTransfer!

Smash is best of the best!

I love this service. It's best of the best. I used to use wetransfer, but they
sometimes mess up not sending the emails / etc. Smash never disappoints!

> Ronaldas - 1 review

Ronaldas’s avatar


It works so well to send files quickly

Simple, efficient service. I came to you as I wanted an alternative to the politically-preaching wetransfer. I just want to
send files. Very refreshing to find you, way better service. I'll be coming
back next time I need to transfer files. Thank you.

> MB - 4 reviews

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Now use Smash instead of WeTransfer

Easy to use and very fast, even with large volumes! I now only use Smash (instead of Wetransfer), thank you!

> Florence - 1 review

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • WeTransfer is a website where to send and share your files to your friends, colleagues, family, etc. On the WeTransfer free version, sending files is limited to 2GB. On paid versions, with WeTransfer Pro, you will be able to send larger files, up to 200GB files per transfer and store up to 1TB. WeTransfer is the Dutch leader on the file transfer services market.

  • Smash is the best WeTransfer alternative. A free file transfer service with no size file limit, no registration required, no email verification sent. On Smash, sending files of any size and any type is easy, quick, secure and responsible.

  • WeTransfer does have features to secure your transfers. All files are encrypted with TLS (in transit) and AES-256 encryption (at rest). Two-factor authentication is also part of WeTransfer security features.
    Smash has same security rules than WeTransfer, but is safer than WeTransfer on free version, thanks to password protection, which is a feature that WeTransfer offers only to Pro & Premium subscribers.

  • Once your files are uploaded and sent via WeTransfer, they are stored for 7 days on WeTransfer servers. The dutch leader on file transfer market has servers in Europe and USA. However, where your files are precisely stored is an unknown information. WeTransfer fails to communicate storage location information transparently. On their website, we can read that storage location depends on « 3 elements » : where files have been uploaded, IP address, if an anonymous proxy is used. On Smash, files are always stored close to the user, in one of the 9 servers around the world. For example, files are stored in London if you’re in U.K, in Ile-de-France if you’re in France, in London if you’re in the UK, in Frankfurt if you’re in Germany, on the East Coast of the United States if you’re in N.Y, etc.

  • The subscription to WeTransfer Pro costs 120€/year and 10€/month. To subscribe, payments by PayPal and credit card are accepted. WeTransfer Pro is a recurring subscription, but you can cancel at any time if you want to. Smash paid subscriptions have low yearly costs with larger file size transfers.

Switch to Smash now!

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