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It's fast, ultra-secure, elegant and responsible.
Find out how to send and receive large files, and all the advantages of Smash.

How do I send and share large files with Smash?

Send Large Files
You can send large files with Smash from (almost) anywhere: website/mobile, Outlook plugin and API.
  1. 1. From the website, click on the central button or drag and drop your files/folders
    Share files of any size and of any type (photos, vidéos, pdf, ppt, etc) for each of your large file transfers.
  2. 2. Set it up the way you want
    Choose from a wide range of file transfer features to suit all your needs: send by email or link, password protection, validity period, email notifications, etc.
  3. 3. Click to send!
    Your files are uploaded to ours servers closest to you and sent to your recipient. You can be notified by email when it has been sent and downloaded.
To sum up, Smash is super simple and ultra secure.

How do I receive large files with Smash?

Send Large Files for Free
You can receive large files/folders with Smash from the website/mobile phone or the Outlook plugin, but only for subscribers to our paid plans.
  1. 1. From the website, click on the central button to receive large files
    The file drop link is generated in just a few seconds.
  2. 2. Share the file drop link as you want
    Once generated, copy it and share it with your contacts so that they can easily send large files or folders via this link.
  3. 3. Track and manage your received transfers
    An email informs you when you receive files via the link. As well as the sending features, there are many detailed features for receiving files, so you can find out everything you need to know about the files you've received.
To cut a long story short, Smash is super-efficient and intuitive.

Why use Smash, rather than another file transfer service?

Share Large Files
File transfer is (super) simple, efficient, enhancing, secure and fast. Both sending and receiving large files is possible, including sending files larger than 2GB. All these advantages make Smash the best alternative to WeTransfer.

But, there's more to it than that. Our customers include thousands of companies of all sizes, from start-ups to major corporations, from all over the world.

Thanks to the work of our teams and the proximity of our storage facilities, Smash is up to 5 times faster than other alternatives to WeTransfer.

What's more, with its ephemeral transfers and Outlook plugin (say goodbye to indefinitely stored attachments), Smash stands out as a responsible file transfer service committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

And don't forget that with Smash, every file transfer is an opportunity to boost your brand.
In short, Smash is faster, more elegant and more responsible than any other service.

Anything else?

The 7 other questions we're asked most often.
What is Smash?

Smash is the best way to send and receive (super) big files.

Since its creation in 2017, Smash has continued to write its history, always with the aim of making the transfer of large files accessible to everyone.

A service where everything is possible, since all files and all folders are welcome here. Any size, without any limits, very easily and quickly

Smash is not only the ideal tool for sending large files, it's also the ideal tool for receiving large files, via a drop link to share with the contacts of your choice.

Send anything on Smash, any time, for free (or at low cost).

How much does Smash cost?

Experience freedom and unlimited uploads with our paid plans. With our completely free offer Smash Free you will have access to an exceptional service for sending and receiving large files. If you opt for one of our paid offers, by the month or by the year, alone or with your company's collaborators, you will benefit from the advanced features.
Smash Pro is €4,80 per month. Smash Team, up to 10 users, for €12 per month. Take a look at our current promotional offers!

No contract, no commitment.

Where are the files sent and received via Smash stored?

Your files, always close to you! When you send and receive files with Smash, they are stored on servers closest to the user, in 9 regions of the world. For example, in London for UK residents, in Frankfurt for Germans etc.

More info about file storage, on our dedicated page.

Is sending and receiving files via Smash secure?

We are serious about your sent and received files security and your security. That's why we use engineering tools and practices to secure access to personal data, through encryption techniques that are among the highest standards in the industry. Transfers are encrypted in transit and at rest.

To receive files, Smash can generate file drop links that are always ephemeral: access to and uploading of files is therefore limited to a number of days determined by the creator of the drop link.

Also, to reinforce security and protect against attacks, we have security audits performed by external service providers (Synacktiv).

Your transfers can be password-protected, so access the files they contain is top secret. The availability period of your files is also an ally for security: you can use this feature to make your files available for a short period (one day, for example). An effective way to combine spontaneity and security.

More info about security on our dedicated page.

What are Smash’s commitments for the planet?

Smash is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, through the ephemeral availability of all file transfers made on its service. File uploads are always available for a limited time: from 1 to 30 days maximum. Drop links to receive files are also always ephemerals: available for 1 to 365 days. Also, through a study to measure its environmental impact, in collaboration with Utopies, Smash has shown that using its service, compared to sending a file by email with an attachment, reduced CO2e emissions by 90% in 2023.

Despite its digital-only status and the environmental impact that implies, Smash is an alternative in reducing the impact of digital and CO2e emissions. In short, the planet thanks you for using Smash!

Is there a plugin for sending and receiving large files from Microsoft Outlook?

Yes, there is! You can transfer large files via Outlook, without the constraints of attachment size, thanks to the Smash plugin for Outlook. The plugin integrates into your Outlook email inbox in a matter of seconds, allowing you to send and receive files and folders without worrying about their size and without leaving Outlook.

Sending files and generating a drop link to receive files is done directly from the "New Mail" tab in Outlook.

A Smash subscription is required to use the add-in for Outlook.

Is there an API to automate the sending and receiving of large files?

After many requests and much patience, our users' wishes have finally been fulfilled: the Smash API is now public. Designed and created for developers, by developers, it aims to offer considerable time savings to teams wishing to send and receive big files via their websites, applications, SaaS solutions, or any custom business cases. The Smash API, which handles petabytes of data from the creation of the file transfer service, integrates in minutes and ensures secure, efficient and reliable file transfers.

Send and share your (super) large files with Smash

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