File Storage

It depends on from where you are sending files. Yes, Smash is a big international family. We are French, but also from all over the world!

The files are always stored closest to you. For example, if you are in France, they are stored in Paris, in Germany, then they are stored in Frankfurt. If you are in Montreal, your files stay in Canada, in London if you are in the United Kingdom, in Europe if you are in Spain, on the East Coast of the United States if you are in New York, in Ohio if you are in Mexico, in Virginia if you are in South America, etc.

Where are my files stored?


It’s unique in the world!

We stock the data and the files of our users (depending on their location) in 9 regions of the world to be able to win time on uploads. For information, files are not duplicated from one region to the other. Learn more


It's this wanted proximity of the file storage of our users, always for a determined time and in an ephemeral way, that make Smash's upload/download performances possible.


Since the storage is only temporary, your files are secured to the maximum and in addition, you contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions. Once downloaded and having lived a lovely life for a determined amount of time on Smash, your files will automatically be destroyed. And the planet thanks you!


By using smash instead of an e-mail for sending a file, a 90% reduction of the carbon foot print is made.