Smash Enterprise, an innovative and ultra secure file transfer service.

To meet the new needs of companies when they send large files, we have developed within a single offer an innovative service that meets the specific expectations of the 5 entities most concerned within the company: employees, IT Department, the Communication Department, the Sales Department and the CSR Department.

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Advanced abilities in Smash

For collaborator

✓  Send files/folders from the web or Microsoft Outlook

✓ Create secure drop links to receive files

✓ Send and receive up to 5TB per transfer

✓ Tracking and email notification of downloads

✓ Customization of transfer links

✓ Password protection for transfers

✓ Transfers available for up to 30 days

✓ Preview of media files for recipients

✓ Service available in 6 languages

For IT Department

✓ Manage access rights via single sign-on (SSO)

✓ Manage access rights via utomatic provisioning and de-provisioning of users and/or groups (SCIM)

✓ Administration of roles/permissions (super-administrator, administrator, marketing/com or collaborator)

✓ Multi-entity/subsidiary/team administration

✓ Administration of send and receive mode settings

✓ Access to a usage dashboard

✓ Access to the history of all transfers sent and received

✓ Multi CNAME customization

For Marketing Department

✓ Customization of upload and download interfaces (logo and background)

✓ Customization of loading screen message displayed while files are uploading or downloading (images, YouTube/Vimeo videos and call-to-action buttons)

For CSR Department

✓ Evaluation of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions generated by the use of Smash

✓ Comparison with those linked to sending emails with embedded attachments, in partnership with Utopies (France's leading independent strategy and sustainable development consultancy, created in 1993)

Security & confidentiality

File protection and encryption

When you upload your files to us, they are sent over an encrypted connection using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) SSL/TLS protocols so that they cannot be intercepted. When we store your files on our servers, we also encrypt them using 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

Large files protection and encryption

Continuous protection against malicious content

We constantly monitor for vulnerabilities, phishing, spam and other malicious content - early detection of threats and first-class malware achieved through a combination of automated systems using powerful heuristics and ethical white-hat hackers.

Big files protection against malicious content

Protection against data breaches

A company specialising in security audits (Synacktiv) regularly tests Smash applications and infrastructure to identify any security flaws they may have, strengthen their security and protect them against attacks.

Huge files protection against data breaches


Smash complies with global regulations to help you meet many of your data processing and file storage compliance needs, including RGPD compliance and HIPAA compliance support for teams.

Smash compliance


We are designed to accommodate companies from all over the world, thanks to our highly available and scalable 100% cloud platform hosted on Amazon Web Services: available in 22 regions, multi-region high availability, 7/7 support and on-call services.


All data and files are stored on our server closest to the user. For example, in London for United Kingdom customers.

Smash infrastructure

Proud partner to some of the world's biggest projects

Thousands of SMEs, large companies and public organisations use Smash to send and receive large files securely.

Our current favourites.

Easy to implement at scale. Enjoy local 24/5 support.

Smash Support Team

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