Like many ideas, Smash is the result of a frustration: the services used to send files securely are too complicated and too expensive. This often leads employees in enterprises to resort to tools that are certainly simpler to handle, but they are not always secure and they rarely enhance the enterprise’s image. As for independent professionals who don’t have access to services reserved for enterprises, they are sometimes obliged to resort to less efficient services corrupt by advertising. In this game, nobody wins.

With Smash, enterprises no longer have to compromise between simplicity and security. As for independent professionals, they can access a service that is both efficient and ad free. We have launched Smash to offer a quality solution to the eternal choice between control and trust, between cost and benefits. Our service is designed to be simple and secure, fast and image enhancing. It has been conceived to adapt to the new needs of enterprises and independent professionals.

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Our history



Creation of Smash

Smash was founded by Olivier, Romaric & Rémi Gouedard-Comte and Timothée Fleury in april 2017 in Lyon (France). Smash is a french online service, very easy to use and secure, which allows enterprises and public organizations to transfer files without any size limits. Their files, stored on our closest server from them on an ephemeral basis, are made available to their recipients via an e-mail or a download link.


Launching of Smash Pro & Team

Smash Pro & Team – Premium plans for profesionals, very small businesses and teams who want more features and valorize their image each time files are sent.


First fundraising

Realization in february 2019 of a first fundraising of 1.5M€ from a family office, several business angels and entrepreneurs with the support of the french Public Investment Bank.


Extension of the infrastructure in Europe and North America

Smash stores users files at the closest from them, on servers in 9 regions of the world. Performance and storage proximity are there thanks to Smash's technological infrastructure.

Launching of Smash Enterprise

Smash Enterprise – a plan for small and medium enterprises, mid-cap companies and large private and public organizations that want more security and management features.

Launching of mobile applications (Android and iOS)

An application that answers the mobility needs of users, while keeping the keys features of Smash: very easy to use, without size limits and without degrading the original quality of photos and videos. At the start of 2021, the applications have accumulated more than 200.000 downloads.

Launching of macOS application

Mac users Smash features from their desktops, without needing to access the website.

Smash carbon footprint

In collaboration with Utopies, first independent French agency for sustainable development strategy consulting, Smash realized a study to measure its environnemental impact. The results: in 2020, sending files with Smash, compared to an email with an attachment, reduced CO2e emissions by 90%. Learn more


Launching of Smash Ads offer

Smash is implementing its "Smash Ads" offer with an innovative and customisable system that promotes different creative and brand worlds on the screens of the free version of the service. Each upload and download of files is augmented for an enhanced user experience. Learn more


Launching of Smash mobile version

All the features of the free and paid versions of Smash become accessible from all browsers on mobile devices. You don't even need to download an application. Sending files is just as easy, always at the same address.


A team behind each Smash!


Today, Smash is more than 10 very talented people who are working for a common objective : protect and valorize enterprises when they send files.


The 4 founders: Olivier, Romaric, Rémi Gouedard-Comte and Timothée Fleury


Our game partners


Our partners are prestigious private and institutional funds, which have invested several million € in Smash. They help us imagine the file transfer of tomorrow, today.


Our favorite playground


Our offices are located at H7, in Lyon (France). The light is beautiful and the coffee is strong. You’re in the area? Just come to visit us!


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