Safety is your priority, and rightly so, it is ours too.

At Smash, we have a team dedicated to security. Every day, our team continuously implements a set of engineering tools and practices to secure access to personal data, using encryption techniques that are among the highest standards in the industry.

Your security, our priority.


We can assure that we use the best ways to secure your use of our file transfer service.


Smash encrypts resting files through AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256 bits standard.


Smash uses the SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/ Transport Layer Security) protocols to protect data during the transfer between the application and the servers.


We regularly test the Smash application and infrastructure to identify eventual security breaches, to reinforce security and protect it for attacks.


Amazon Web services ensures the storage of data and files through its S3 service. Learn more about Smash’s infrastructure


We stock your files the closest to your location. Example: in Paris if you are in France, in Frankfurt if you are in Germany, in London if you are in England, etc...


Files are automatically erased from our servers once the Smash has expired.


Also, obviously, only people who are in possession of your transfer link can access it.


 We have implemented various features, such as customization of the validity period or password protection in order to give you the means to best secure your transfers and files.


And where files and data are stored?