Smash Pro, send and receive (really) big files.

✓ 250 GB per transfer
✓ 1 TB of storage
✓ Show off your brand (logo, background, ...)


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Send online your (super) large files & folders


Receive files easily via a secure file drop link


Make a strong impression and enhance image


Advanced capabilities in Smash

Transfer settings

Send your files by email to your contacts or share a Smash link

Choose the sending type of your choice for your files: they can be sent by email directly to the recipient. Or, generate an ephemeral link from your files and share it however you want, with whomever you want. Once the sending mode is chosen, you are free to transfer all your files or folders you wish, up to 250 GB per transfer. On your account, an amount of 1 TB of active transfers can be stored, depending on the availability period chosen for your files.


Transfer settings

Determine the validity period of your transfers

On Smash Pro, transfers are always ephemeral and available to download for up to 30 days. Beyond, they are automatically deleted from our servers.


Transfer settings

Protect your transfers by password

It’s up to you to add a password, to be communicated to the recipient, in order to limit access to the download page and protect its content. Your files deserve to be secure and download your files has to be deserved.


Transfer settings

Receive (or not) follow-up emails for your transfers

You are free to enable or disable emails that notify you about the confirmation of sending of your transfer or its download by your recipient.


Transfer settings

Customize your send, download and reception file pages

Boost your brand image while your files are sending or downloading, thanks to your own custom web address, logo, background and promotional pop-ins. Use these features to highlight and spread your news.


File drop link

Receive files in all simplicity

After chosing the « receive mode », simply click on the central button to create a secure file drop link in seconds. Share this link with whomever you wish. By default, this file drop link is available for 7 days and unlimited transfers. It’s up to you to set it up to suit with your needs, in your account.



Track all your account and transfers activity

Thanks to a powerful dashboard on your account, get statistics on the overall activity of your account. You can also take advantage of a detailed report on your sent transfers: number of downloads, number of openings, by whom, when… Use this information to (re)contact the right person, at the right time.


Microsoft Outlook Plugin

Send and receive big files from Microsoft Outlook

Included in your Smash Pro subscription, install the Smash add-in for Outlook so that you can share very easily files of any size, without leaving Outlook, without worrying about Outlook attachment size file limits. You can also create secure links for receiving files, through Outlook.


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✔ Send files and folders up to 2 GB per transfer*

✔ Transfers available up to 7 days

✔ No storage

✔ No transfer customization (logos, backgrounds and promotional messages)


*More than 2GB: subject to waiting queue


✔ Send and receive files/folders up to 250 GB per transfer

✔ Transfers available up to 30 days

1 TB of storage

Transfer customization (logos, backgrounds and promotional messages)

From /month

They use Smash

Thousands of people and professionals use the Smash website to send and receive big files (images, videos, audio, documents).

Our current fav’

Security & environment


Anti-virus to protect you and your recipients

We constantly monitor for vulnerabilities, phishing, spam and other malicious content - early detection of threats and first-class malware achieved through a combination of automated systems using powerful heuristics and ethical “white-hat” hackers.



Encryption of your files in transit and at rest

When you upload your files to us, they pass through an encrypted connection so that they cannot be intercepted. When we store your files on our servers, we also encrypt them using 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). Even if someone were to get their hands on your files - and good luck with that - they wouldn't be able to read them.



Reduce your digital carbon footprint

A study carried out in collaboration with Utopies has shown that by using Smash, you save 90% CO2e compared with sending files by email with attachments. This is because files sent via Smash are always stored for an ephemeral, limited period of time, close to you. You reduce your digital carbon footprint and the planet thanks you.


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