Send Large Files with Smash

How To Send Large Files in 2023

Enjoy the ease to send files thanks to Smash large files features and infrastructure. Share big files of any size and of any types, in a fast and secure way, using Smash file transfer solution.


1. The Smash Website

2. The Smash Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

3. The Smash Mac App (MacOS)

4. The Smash API

5. The Smash add-in for Outlook

Sending a file is easy

You can attach it to an email, drop it into a synced folder, or copy and paste it into an instant message. It’s fast and it’s simple – even your grandparents can manage it!

On the other hand, sending a large file can be hard.

You’ll quickly run into attachment issues on an email, size and upload limits on that synced folder, and your instant messaging app of choice will flat-out reject your file if it is too large.

But those large files still need to be transferred and a wealth of different options have emerged to get it done. Whether it’s a compression application, an SFTP server, a file transfer web app, or a physical hard drive packed with video you pass across the office to your colleague in marketing, here are the five things you should be looking for when uploading your big files.


Transferring a large file should be simple. Look for a minimalist user interface when uploading where you don’t have to do much more than drag, drop, copy, and paste. For your recipient, look for functionality that makes downloading files easy, too. Features like file previews (the chance to review files, and then pick and choose which ones to download) help provide a superior user experience.


Everyone promises a fast transfer, so what should you look for to be sure you’re getting the speed you need? For one, make sure that your files are being uploaded to a server close by; if your files are circling the globe on their way to a server, that’s going to slow you down and generating a big carbon bill to boot. As well, make sure that the service you are using has the capacity to handle the traffic; cheap and cheery rarely means robust and rapid.

No Size Limits

There’s nothing worse than trying to upload a large file and your transfer service rejecting it as ‘too big’. In a perfect world you should only have to think about where you want your file and not worry that it’s too big to get there. Your creativity doesn’t have limits, and you shouldn’t use a file transfer service that puts limits on the size of the files that you can send, either.


When you transfer a large file, you want it to arrive where it’s meant to go and nowhere else. You don’t want the data to be intercepted during the transfer or left on a server vulnerable to a bad actor. Your file needs to be uploaded securely, encrypted while it is moving between your machine and its destination, stored securely at the other end before, and automatically erased when it’s no longer needed.


Your file needs to get to where it’s going without a hitch. When it gets there, it needs to be stored until it’s no longer needed, and then it needs to be erased. It should be available to people with the right permissions, and it shouldn’t be available to anyone who lacks those permissions. File transfer systems need to be robust, resilient, and reliable, and you shouldn’t trust your data to anything less.

How to Send Large Files with Smash?

Smash offers a market-leading file transfer service that excels on every level. It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s secure, it’s reliable, and there are no size limits on the files you send. What’s more, there are a bunch of different ways that you can use Smash no matter what device you use or how often you transfer files.

Go to, click the button, select your file, add your recipient’s email address, and click send. In seconds your file is uploaded, and your recipient informed. Access the Smash website from a mobile device and you’ll have the same smooth experience, just with taps instead of clicks.

A bonus: when you send files through Smash, they never get compressed like they can with instant messaging applications like WhatsApp. Your photos and videos remain as clear and uncompressed as they were when they left your device.

If you want more advanced features, the Smash Pro, Smash Team and Smash Enterprise paid plans will take you to the next level. Transfer files without any size limits and without any constraints, customize transfers to match your brand, manage roles and permissions for your employees and more, all from your browser.

The ease and speed of Smash on your mobile device! With just a few taps you can send photos, videos, or any other large file directly from your device – no browser required! Nothing gets compressed, no resolution is lost, and your files are available for download as soon as you’ve finished uploading them.

Mac users can use Smash right from the menu bar. A click, select the file, copy the link, and share – it’s fast, native, and exactly the sort of experience that Mac users expect.

When transferring large files is part of your daily workflow or when you are charged with ensuring that fast, secure, and reliable file transfers happen for others in your company, configuring a homebrew solution can be a real hassle. You have servers to spin up, encryption to manage, integrations to make, and security to maintain.

The Smash API offers developers a chance to add Smash to their systems with just five lines of code and a few minutes of work. It’s a set and forget solution that offers speed, security, reliability, a great user experience, and no size limits. It’s cost effective, too, with a monthly subscription making it easy to transfer large files from anywhere in your organization for a competitive price.

Right now, you can test drive the Smash API for 14 days with 100GB of file transfers included for free – no credit card required! Get started today.

Smash's Outlook add-in is ideal for sending large files directly from Outlook, without worrying about the attachment size limits imposed by Outlook. Once installed, the Smash plugin integrates directly into the Outlook "New Mail" window.

You can send any file or folder of any size without leaving Outlook. Once the transfer link has been generated, it's just a click away from being automatically added to your email.

As soon as your transfer of big files is complete, you can also access your upload history and download information (number of views and downloads) from within Outlook.
To use the Outlook add-in, a Smash subscription is required.

Send Large Files with Smash

Use Smash, it’s no file size limits, simple, fast, secure and free.