WeTransfer is Down? Choose Smash.

Need to send a work project with large files urgently, but your favorite file transfer service, WeTransfer, is not working? Relax. With Smash, the best WeTransfer alternative, it will take you only a few minutes to send files with no size limits, without registration, for free and in total safety.

WeTransfer is Down? Choose Smash.

Online services are great – until they stop working. When a service that’s essential to your professional workflow goes down it brings everything to a halt. This costs you time and can cost you money, too. Even if you are only relying on a service for personal reasons and there’s no deadline or client waiting for their work, it’s still a pain and a frustration you shouldn’t have to deal with.

When it comes to file transfer services, WeTransfer is the big fish in the pond. A lot of freelancers, small businesses, and individuals rely on WeTransfer to send their large files to others, whether for work or personal reasons. But this puts a lot of pressure on WeTransfer’s technology stack and, inevitably, it can’t always handle the strain. Consider just the last week of October 2023:

  • October 22: WeTransfer.com was down… We apologise for any inconvenience…

  • October 23: Unable to access WeTransfer.com… We apologise for any inconvenience caused…

  • October 24: Unable to access WeTransfer.com… We truly apologise for the inconvenience this caused…

  • October 25: WeTransfer.com down for scheduled maintenance

  • October 30: Unable to access WeTransfer.com…

It’s nice that a service apologizes for having an outage (and especially if they truly apologize!) but what you really want is a service that works when you want it to work. So, when WeTransfer goes down (again!) where should you turn?

In this article we explain why Smash is your best alternative when WeTransfer is offline for four reasons:

  1. Smash has no file size limits

  2. Smash offers premium features to every user

  3. Smash offers top level security as standard to every user

  4. Smash is free

Four Reasons to Choose Smash when WeTransfer is Not Working

Here are the four reasons why Smash is the best alternative to WeTransfer when they go down – again.

  1. Smash has no file limits

WeTransfer has gone offline, and you need to transfer a file fast – what do you do? If your file is small enough to email you probably won’t have issues, but if it is a truly large file, you’ll want to use a file transfer service that can handle the weight. Lots of file transfer services put hard limits on the size of the files that they’ll transfer, especially on their free tiers. Luckily, there’s one service that doesn’t force any limits on your transfer size: Smash!

With Smash you can send a file of any size to anyone, no questions asked. When WeTransfer crashes, you can click over to Smash and send your file without worrying about hitting a hard file size limit. If you can upload it, you can send it, and you’ll never have to worry about encountering an error message or a popup urging you to upgrade to a premium plan to send a file so big.

Smash WeTransfer
File Size Limits Unlimited 2GB (Free)
200GB (Pro)
Unlimited (Premium)

2. Smash offers premium features to every user

WeTransfer is having problems, and you can’t send your files where they need to be. This is especially frustrating because you might be paying a monthly or annual subscription option for premium file transfer features and, right now, nothing works. There’s no need to panic, though: with Smash you can get all of those premium features and you won’t even have to pay more!

Premium features that other file transfer services reserve for paid users (including WeTransfer!) are offered to all users at Smash. Smash allows you to customize your transfer URLs so that your recipient has a good idea of what they are clicking on. Smash also offers file previews so that your recipients can check what they are downloading and even choose which of the files they want to download if you are sending multiple image, audio, or video files. You’ll get email notifications when your files are downloaded in real time, and you can choose to share via email or link.

Smash WeTransfer
Customize URLs Yes Yes
File Previews Yes Yes
Download Notifications Yes Yes

3. Smash offers top level security as standard to every user

WeTransfer is not working…again! You’ve got to get your file where it needs to go, and it needs to happen now, but you don’t want that file to fall into the wrong hands. Maybe it is confidential work for a client or maybe it is a folder of family photos from your recent vacation. Either way, security matters. WeTransfer has strong security features but right now it’s broken. No need to worry: Smash has all the security features you expect, and more!

Start with password protection. With Smash, every transfer you make can be password protected even if you are just using it once or twice for free because WeTransfer is down again. Smash also offers anti-virus protection for every transfer, even for those on the free tier, for your peace of mind. Of course, Smash transfers are made with industry-leading 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption and Smash undertakes regular security audits that certify that your transfers are safe and sound. All of these security features are available to every user, even those that are just sending a single file a single time because WeTransfer is offline. Smash is always secure, no matter what.

Smash WeTransfer
Password Protection Yes Only on paid plans
Anti-Virus Protection Yes Yes
Encrypted Transfer Yes Yes

4. Smash is free

When WeTransfer is down and you need to send your file, the last thing you want to do is sign up for some other file transfer service. After all, you might already be paying WeTransfer €10 to €23 a month to transfer your large files, so why would you want to pay someone else just because they are offline? For the moment, you are looking for an alternative to WeTransfer that will allow you to send your file but won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Where do you turn? Smash.

With Smash your file transfers are free. No matter how large your file is, no matter how many individual images you are sending, no matter who you are sending it to, it’s always free. You might be frustrated about paying WeTransfer for a service that is offline but the fact that you can click over to Smash and send your file for free might allow you to blow off a little of that steam. Smash won’t even bother you to create an account: whether you are using their web portal, their dedicated iOS or Android apps, or their native Mac app, you’ll be able to send your file where it needs to go safe in the knowledge that it didn’t cost you a cent.

Smash WeTransfer
Cost of Transfers Free Up to 2GB: Free
2GB to 200GB: €10-12 monthly
Unlimited: €19-23 monthly

Conclusion: When WeTransfer has an Outage, Choose Smash

Like any web service, WeTransfer goes down from time to time. When it does and when you need a safe, secure, fast, and free option to transfer your files, Smash is your best bet. It’s got everything you expect from a leading file transfer service and more:

  • No file size limits

  • Customized transfer URLs

  • File previews for images, audio, and video files

  • Email notifications when your file is downloaded

  • Industry leading encryption protocols

  • Password protection on every transfer (including the free tier!)

  • Anti-virus protections

  • Certified security audits

What’s more, when WeTransfer has let you down again and you need to send a file without the hassles of signing up and paying for a new service, Smash offers all of this for free!

And, of course, if you don’t want to wait for WeTransfer to fail, you can try Smash today via the web, on one of its dedicated mobile apps for iOS or Android, or via the native Mac application.

WeTranfer is Down ? Switch to Smash now!

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