Receive Large Files with Smash

Receive Large Files with Smash

With Smash, enjoy as much powerful features to receive large files, than large files sending features. Receive files of any size from contacts of your choice, in a few clicks, thanks to Smash’ file drop link system.


1. The Smash Website

2. The Smash Mobile Apps Version

3. The Smash Plugin For Outlook

4. The Smash API

What’s the difference between sending and receiving files?

Sending or sharing files is easy, thanks to the many ways you can do it, mainly online. If you want to share your files online, you can do so in a matter of seconds, by attaching them to an email, via an online messaging service or by text message.

However, if there are large files, such as, PDFs, PPTs, video files, this becomes more problematic. To bypass the size limits and the difficulties, there are some very efficient file transfer services, such as the best WeTransfer alternative, or online file storage services.

Receiving files is working on the same system and has the same constraints, with an opposite approach : as the recipient, you want a contact (client, partner, friends…) send you files, without subscription, without worrying about size file and safely. For that, Smash’ file drop link feature is your best ally.

Receiving files is secure

Receiving files must be simple. The user interface must be fluid and intuitiv, and the result must be obtained in seconds. To receive files, only a few clicks must be required. Once the file drop link is generated, simply copy it and share it with the contacts of your choice, in the way of your choice : email, text message, social network, online messaging, etc. Another use case is to integrate it into your website to make easier the file sending for your customers.

The user experience must also be as fluid and practical for the contact sending you files. If someone wants to transfer you files, they need to be able to get to know the service quickly, without needing any help and achieve their goal of transferring big files in a matter of seconds. The contact, in this case the sender, will simply need to select or drag/drop their files and enter their email address.

The experience of receiving large files will be satisfying for both the sender and the recipient, who initiated the file request.

Receiving files is fast

Sending or receiving files of any size is just a few clicks away. Speed does not depend on a number of factors, or on the Internet connection. It depends above all on the simplicity of the service's reception mode. To be able to receive files quickly, the system used must be just as simple on the sender's side as it is on the receiver's side.

With Smash, the person who needs to receive the files, in this case the recipient, creates a file drop link with a single click - it couldn't be quicker. The sender then transfers the files by simply dragging and dropping or selecting files or folders, also in a very short time. 

How to Receive Large Files with Smash?

Smash is a file transfer service that makes sending and receiving large files or folders easier than ever. There's no need to worry about limits and restrictions, no matter what the file type, you can receive any file or folder from your contacts with Smash. Smash adapts to your needs and habits, being accessible from a wide range of media, wherever you are, whenever you want.

On Smash, receiving large files involves a drop link system.

There are just a few steps involved in receiving files on Smash:

  1. Log in to your Smash account (Pro, Team, Enterprise)

  2. In the top right-hand corner of the file upload page, select "receive mode".

  3. Click on the central button to create a deposit link

  4. The next second, your link is created!

  5. Copy your drop link and share it with your contacts as you wish

It's (really) as simple as that.

The file drop link is configured by default to be valid for 7 days and for an unlimited number of transfers.

Your contact (client, partner, friend, family, etc.) will therefore have 7 days to send you their large files and can make an infinite number of transfers. You are free to modify these settings from your account or to generate several drop links.

A Smash account is required to access the file reception functions. Take advantage of our promotional offers to subscribe.

When your contact accesses the drop link, it only takes a few seconds for the files to be sent:

  1. The contact accesses the file drop link, selects their files or drags and drops them.

  2. They enter their email address in the sender field

  3. The recipient's email does not need to be filled in.

  4. Simply click on "send"!

The contact receives an email confirmation of sending and you (as creator of the file drop link) can receive a notification email about received files, if you want to.

Receive Big Files Through The Smash Mobile Version

If you're on the move, travelling or at a meeting, you need to be able to receive files directly from your mobile's browser.

Smash makes it possible: just as you can send files (for example, send videos from your iPhone or Android), you can also receive them, simply by using your mobile device.

To receive files via the mobile version, you need to create a drop link and then share it. It works in the same way as on the website (see point 1).

With Smash add-in for Outlook, you can send and receive files or folders, directly from your emailbox Outlook.

How does it work?

  • After having installed the Smash plugin, open the tab « New message » on Outlook

  • Click on the Smash’ logo

  • Select the « receive mode » and click on the central button to create a file drop link

  • Instantly, it’s created, then click on the « attach to email » button to integrate it automatically to your email

  • That’s it! All you have to do is write your email and sent it to your recipient

Your file drop link is generated, without any constraints and without leaving Outlook.

To install and use the Outlook add-in, such as file reception features, a Smash account is required.

If you're a developer, automating the sending and receiving of files on your websites or apps is surely one of your main missions.

The Smash API meets your needs, allowing you to integrate a high-performance system for sending and receiving very large files, in just 5 lines of code and 10 minutes of your time.

No need to go through the headache of developing a file sending and receiving system, Smash has done it for you. The Smash API provides you with a solution to achieve your objectives with security, reliability and speed.

The Smash API is available as a free trial - no credit card required - for 14 days and 100 GB of file transfer. Try the Smash API now.

Receive Large Files with Smash

Use Smash, it’s simple, fast and secure.