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It's fast, ultra-secure, elegant and responsible. Find out how to Send and share Large Files, and all the advantages of Smash.

Send Large Files Easily with Smash: How do i get started?

Send Large Files
Send Large Files from anywhere with Smash: Available on Website, Mobile App, Outlook plugin and API.
  1. 1. Send Large Files on the Website by Clicking the Central Button or Dragging and Dropping Your Files/Folders

    Share Files of any size and of any type (photos, vidéos, pdf, ppt, etc) for each of your large file transfers.
  2. 2. Set it up the way you want

    Choose your File Transfer options with Smash: Email or Link Transfers, Password Protection, Expiry Dates, Email Notifications, and More.
  3. 3. Click to send your large file

    Large files are securely uploaded to our servers closest to you and sent to your recipient. You will receive an email notification when the files are successfully sent and downloaded.
To sum up, Smash is super simple and ultra secure.

Receive Large Files and folders with Smash: Website, Mobile App, and Outlook Plugin

Send Large Files for Free
Easily Receive Large Files and folders with Smash Using Our Website (desktop and mobile), or Outlook Plugin. This Feature is reserved for our paid subscribers. Explore our plans to begin Receiving Large Files Today!
  1. 1. To receive Large Files, visit our website and click the central button

    A large file drop link is generated quickly in just a few seconds.
  2. 2. Share the large file drop link any way you like

    Copy and share the generated link with your contacts to easily receive large files or folders.
  3. 3. Track and manage your received file transfers easily

    Receive email notifications when large files are sent to you via the link. Discover detailed features for managing and tracking your large file transfers and find out everything you need to know about your large files.
To cut a long story short, Smash is super-efficient and intuitive.

Why Smash is the top choice for Send Large Files

Share Large Files
Smash makes Sending Large Files Simple: Fast, Secure Transfers for Files over 2 GB!

Send Large Files with ease using Smash’s fast and secure File Transfer Service for companies of all sizes.

Transfer Large Files up to 5 Times Faster with Smash’s innovative technology!

Smash: A sustainable solution for Sending Large Files with ephemeral Transfers, an Outlook Plugin, and a commitment to carbon emission reduction.

And don't forget that with Smash, every file transfer is an opportunity to boost your brand.
In short, Smash is faster, more elegant and more responsible than any other service.
Anything else?
The 7 other questions we're asked most often.
What is Smash?

Smash is the best way to send and receive Large Files.

Since 2017, Smash has been committed to evolving its platform to ensure that transferring large files is accessible to everyone.

A service where everything is possible: all files and folders of any size are welcome here, without limits, and can be transferred easily and quickly.

Smash is the perfect tool for both sending and receiving large files, with an easy drop link feature for sharing with your chosen contacts.

Send any file on Smash anytime, for free or at a low cost.

What are the pricing options for Smash?

Get the most out of Smash with our paid plans offering unlimited uploads and advanced features.

Smash Free provides exceptional service for free, while Smash Pro costs €4.80 per month and Smash Team is €12 per month for up to 10 users.

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Where does Smash store Files that you Send and Receive?

Your files are always close to you! When you send and receive files with Smash, they are stored on servers located in nine regions around the world.

For example, in London for UK users and in Frankfurt for German users.

For more information about file storage, visit our dedicated page.

How does Smash ensure secure File Transfers for its users?

Smash ensures the security of your file transfers with advanced encryption methods. All files are encrypted both in transit and at rest, following the highest data protection standards in the industry.

Receive files securely with Smash’s ephemeral file drop links. These links provide a temporary access period for file uploads and downloads, managed by the link creator for enhanced security.

To enhance security and protect against cyber threats, Smash regularly undergoes security audits performed by Synacktiv, a premier external cybersecurity firm specializing in thorough attack prevention and continuous security improvement.

Enhance File Security with Password Protection and Temporary AccessWith Smash, you can password-protect your file transfers to ensure your files are safe and secure. Additionally, you have the option to set a temporary availability period for your files, such as 24 hours, to further enhance your data protection. This feature provides the ideal balance of security and flexibility for all your file sharing needs.

More info about security on our dedicated page.

What initiatives does Smash have for protecting the planet?

Smash's commitment to reducing carbon footprint

Smash is dedicated to minimizing its carbon footprint through the ephemeral availability of all file transfers on its platform. File uploads are available for a limited time, ranging from 1 to 30 days. Similarly, drop links for receiving files are also temporary, with availability from 1 to 365 days.

In collaboration with Utopies, Smash conducted a study to measure its environmental impact. The study revealed that using Smash, compared to sending files via email attachments, reduced CO2e emissions by 90% in 2023.

Despite being a digital-only service, Smash stands as an eco-friendly alternative, significantly reducing the environmental impact of digital file transfers.

By choosing Smash, you are contributing to lowering CO2e emissions and supporting a greener planet.

Thank you for making an eco-friendly choice with Smash. Every action counts towards a greener planet.

Is there a plugin for Sending and Receiving Large Files in Microsoft Outlook?

Yes, there is! With the Smash plugin for Outlook, you can transfer large files easily and bypass attachment size limits.

This plugin integrates into your Outlook inbox within seconds, allowing you to send and receive files and folders of any size without leaving the app.

To send files and generate drop links for receiving files, simply use the "New Mail" tab in Outlook.

A Smash subscription is required to use the Outlook add-in.

Is there an API to automate the sending, receiving, and Sharing of Large Files?

After many requests and much patience, our users' wishes have finally been fulfilled: the Smash API is now public!

Designed and created by developers for developers, the Smash API aims to offer considerable time savings for teams looking to send and receive large files through their websites, applications, SaaS solutions, or any custom business cases.

The Smash API, which has been managing petabytes of data since the creation of the file transfer service, integrates in minutes and ensures secure, efficient, and reliable file transfers.

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