Comparing Smash vs. Dropbox Transfer

Dropbox Transfer VS Smash

Need to send large files fast and securely? Smash delivers the best next-level solution for sending heavy files.

Choosing the right file sharing solution can be challenging due to the multitude of services available. Dropbox is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform initially offering cloud-based storage and collaboration features. Over time, Dropbox expanded its services to include a file transfer feature called Dropbox Transfer, allowing users to send large files.

This comparison will focus on Dropbox Transfer and evaluate it alongside Smash, a large French file transfer service. By assessing their strengths and downsides, you can have an overview of all Smash’s advantages.

Dropbox Transfer vs. Smash: Which free version performs better

Smash caters to those who regularly need to send large files by offering a free version with no file size limit. On Dropbox Transfer, the free version limits file sizes to 100 MB.

The file transfer speeds on Smash will amaze you. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, it surpasses Dropbox Transfer in speed. Our innovative approach involves storing files close to users, enabling rapid file transfers. On the other hand, Dropbox Transfer stores files in data centers across the United States except for the paid plans that have servers in Australia, the European Union, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

On Smash and Dropbox Transfer, recipients can preview files without downloading them, selecting specific images, videos, and audio files that catch their interest. Nonetheless, in Smash Free, you have the flexibility to customize or name the sharing link as you desire. On the other hand, in Dropbox Transfer, the sharing link is typically generated with random characters and cannot be customized in the free version.

Not to mention the financial benefits, Smash emerges as the prime alternative to Dropbox Transfer.

The table below summarizes the comparison between Smash and Dropbox Transfer in their free versions.

Free Plans
Dropbox Transfer
Transfer size limit
Up to 100MB
Transfer availability period
Up to 7 days
Up to 7 days
File preview
Images, videos & audio
Images, videos & audio
Customization of the file transfers links
Proximity-based file storage

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Dropbox Transfer vs. Smash: Compare pricing options tailored to your specific requirements

On Dropbox Transfer, the features and pricing options depend on the business plan you choose. With Dropbox Plus and Standard, you can transfer files up to 2 GB of files for €9.99 per month.

With Dropbox Professional and Advanced, priced at €16.58 and €18 per month, respectively, you can send files up to 100 GB.

On Smash, opting for the annual plan of the Pro offers enables you to send files with no size or quantity limits for a monthly fee of just €4.80, whereas Dropbox Transfer limits you to 2 GB.

With Smash, you can send all the large files you want with absolute freedom, without any restrictions or limits, based on your individual needs and wishes. Once sent, your files will remain accessible for up to 30 days, and you have the flexibility to modify this duration, with the ability to set it as short as one day.

Smash prioritizes ephemeral file transfers as part of our commitment to minimizing carbon footprint and advocating for digital responsibility. Conversely, its competitor Dropbox Transfer lacks these considerations and offers unlimited storage.

Smash has put considerable thought into its dedicated Smash Team offer, designed specifically for company employees. This offer is priced at €12 per month per package, catering to teams of up to 25 people. The package offer simplifies the management of file transfer needs for teams.

With Dropbox Transfer, customers who want to purchase the Dropbox Replay add-on can send transfers of up to 250 GB.

On Smash, choosing the Enterprise package unlocks the classic features of our service while giving you access to advanced security and management elements such as single sign-on (SSO), provisioning (SCIM), multi-team administration, and more.

Paid Plans
File Size Limit
Pro Monthly Price (Annual Plan)
US$ 6 /month
Team Monthly Price (Annual Plan)
US$ 15 /month
Paid Plans
Dropbox Transfer
File Size Limit
Plus and Standard Monthly Price (Annual Plan)
US$ 9.99 /month
Up to 2 GB
Professional Monthly Price (Annual Plan)
US$ 16.58 /month
Up to 100 GB
Advanced Monthly Price (Annual Plan)
US$ 18 /month
Up to 100 GB

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Dropbox Transfer vs. Smash: When comparing upload speeds, who comes out on top?

If you opt for the free version of Dropbox Transfer, sending files larger than 100 MB is not supported, and the sending process will be considerably slower and less efficient compared to Smash.

On Smash, the robustness and reliability of the system ensure that sending a 2 GB file is just as efficient as sending files of smaller or larger sizes. Compared to Dropbox Transfer, where it takes 2min40 to send 2 GB files, Smash only requires 1min20, cutting the time in half and making Smash the faster option among file sharing services.

Through the daily efforts of its dedicated teams and state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, Smash outperforms its main competitor in terms of speed.

Smash's advanced technological infrastructure allows optimal proximity for the storage of files sent by users. With a network of nine servers spread across the globe, including locations such as Ile-de-France, London, Frankfurt, and the East Coast of the United States, files are conveniently stored close to users. When the storage location is near, it greatly enhances the speed of file transfer to the recipient.

Using Dropbox Transfer means that files are stored exclusively on servers located in the United States, making it much less transparent regarding where files are actually stored, except for Dropbox Business users who meet the defined requirements. For these users, Dropbox Transfer storage servers are also available in Australia, the European Union, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

Smash Dropbox Transfer
2GB file upload time* 1.20min 2.40min

*2 GB file sent over 1Gbps connection from Paris, France.
Date of comparison: April 9, 2023.

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Dropbox Transfer versus Smash: Let’s compare the customization features

With both Dropbox Transfer and Smash, you can make your file transfer links more engaging and recognizable to the recipients. Both file transfer services provide branding options and the ability to include personalized messages. You can add your logo and a background image, as well as a color scheme to match your personal or business brand. You can also provide any additional instructions or any relevant details for recipients.

However, if you choose Smash's paid plans, the customization options for file upload and download pages surpass those of Dropbox Transfer. Moreover, Smash offers its users promotional pop-ins, which consist of pictures or videos contents that the user can see while uploading or downloading files. A way for senders to promote their brands, news, and events to the recipients.

Core features
Dropbox Transfer
Sub-domain customization
Background customization
Logo customization
Customization of the file transfers links
Promotional pop-ins
Promotional pop-ins
Promotional pop-ins are the screens that appear during file upload/download. Use them as a communication space, to broadcast and promote your news to your recipients, while they download your transfers.

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Dropbox Transfer vs. Smash: Which tool offers better user management for multiple users?

If your priority is efficient user management, especially for a large number of users, Smash offers more tailored options with its dedicated plans like Smash Team or Enterprise. These plans provide better control over roles, permissions, and departmental associations, simplifying the coordination and organization of various teams. On the other hand, Dropbox Transfer may be more suitable for smaller teams or organizations looking for basic single sign-on and provisioning features for user authentication and account management.

Both Smash and Dropbox Transfer provide companies with the necessary tools for efficient and secure user management, including single sign-on (SSO) and provisioning (SCIM) features.

While Dropbox Transfer offers a package tailored to the needs of multiple users, it lacks a package suitable for very large companies.

Thanks to a diverse set of features, Smash allows efficient management and control of a large number of users.

If you are looking for user management features with a focus on team collaboration and security, Smash's dedicated plans like Smash Team or Enterprise are a better fit.

With both Dropbox Transfer and Smash, you will never miss a beat during your transfer thanks to email notifications, keeping you informed of your transfer progress. As soon as a recipient downloads the files, you'll receive an email notification in your inbox.

With Smash Team or Enterprise plans, you have the flexibility to allocate different roles and permissions to individual employees based on their specific positions within the company. Furthermore, employees can be associated with one or multiple departments, enabling seamless file transfers on behalf of each department. As a result, our plan streamlines multi-team management, simplifying the coordination and organization of various teams.

Administrative tools
Dropbox Transfer
User management
Roles/permission management
Group management
Multi-team administration
Single sign-on (SSO) integrations
Provisionning (SCIM)

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Dropbox Transfer Versus Smash: Comparing file safety

When it comes to securing transfers, Dropbox Transfer provides password protection and the ability to specify the recipient's access permissions, such as downloading or previewing the files.

While this feature is interesting, it is unfortunate that the American leader does not offer it to all users, unlike its alternative Smash.

With Smash, you can always password protect your transfers, emphasizing the commitment to prioritize security for all users, regardless of their subscription type: Free, Pro, Team, or Enterprise.

In addition to password protection, Smash also gives priority to file storage capacity when handling large file transfers.

On Dropbox Transfer, files are stored on servers located across the United States, except for Dropbox Business packages where the storage servers are also available in the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and the European Union. Despite its advantages, such as robust infrastructure, this can result in slower transfer speeds if the user is geographically distant from the storage location. Additionally, Dropbox's sharing information approach about storage locations is relatively obscure, unlike Smash’s transparent approach.

With Smash, we make sure to store the files as close to the user as possible, usually on one of the nearest servers out of the 9 available worldwide. For instance, files sent through Smash by English users will be stored in London.

When it comes to data encryption, both Dropbox Transfer and Smash follow a consistent approach. They use SSL/TLS and AES 256-bit encryption to protect data both in transit and at rest.

Dropbox Transfer
256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption
Password protection for transfers
Anti-virus protection for transfers
Encryption via HSM
Privacy options

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Dropbox Transfer vs. Smash: Which one offers a public API for sharing and receiving large files?

Dropbox Transfer provides a user-friendly experience for uploading and sharing large files through its feature-rich platform, but its offerings are restricted to a file transfer service accessible exclusively through its website.

Understanding the challenges of integrating large file transfers into a development environment, Smash introduces its public API to simplify the process of sending and receiving files. The API plays a critical role in simplifying the lives of developers, allowing them to save time and improve efficiency, which ultimately benefits companies.

With a simple setup process of only 10 minutes and 5 lines of code, you can begin using the Smash API effortlessly. The inclusion of an SDK also ensures smooth integration into your website, mobile app, or SaaS solution.

Designed to meet a wide range of development needs and projects, our API seamlessly integrates into web, mobile, and workflow environments, enabling functionalities such as file sending, file receiving, and automated file transfers.

Ensuring simplicity, efficiency, and reliability, the Smash API has consistently facilitated large file transfers, allowing the successful sending of petabytes of data since its inception.

Experience the convenience of transferring and sharing large files using our API. Start your 14-day free trial today and get access to 100 GB of storage with no credit card required.

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Dropbox Transfer vs Smash: Reviewing the Benefits and Drawbacks

Recognized as a leading file hosting and sync platform, Dropbox also offers a dedicated service called Dropbox Transfer, which serves as a solution for sending and receiving large files.

However, the service does come with certain drawbacks and the costs associated with it can be significant. With Dropbox Transfer, you can send files, but you will soon encounter its limitations, especially in the free version, which restricts transfers to 100 MB.

With the upgraded package, you'll enjoy more freedom, though it comes with a higher price of €16.58 per month for the package tailored to Professionals.

Dropbox Transfer's primary server locations are in the United States, except for Dropbox Business plans, which offer extended storage server options in the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and the European Union.

While Dropbox Transfer excels in providing customized packages for different users, it falls behind by not offering a package that adequately addresses the unique needs of very large companies.

Dropbox Transfer
Pros Cons
Basic free plan Transfer size limited to 100 MB for free users
Customized packages for diverse users Lack of packages for very large companies
User-friendly interface and easy file sharing Lack of privacy options
Costly packages
Few customization options

With its unlimited, modern, secure, and responsible file transfer service, Smash stands out as the main challenger to Dropbox Transfer.

On Smash, whether you choose the free or paid plans, you have the freedom to send files of any size or format without limitations. In addition, you can choose to password protect your transfers regardless of the plan you are opting for.

The limited validity of sent files, set at either 7 or 30 days, is designed to minimize the carbon footprint associated with file storage.

With Smash Pro priced at €4.80 per month, Smash Team at €12 per month, and a custom price for the Enterprise plan, companies can benefit from rewarding file transfers while recipients experience reassurance when downloading files.

With Smash, recipients can access files through links that are 100% personalized with the sender's image, including logo, wallpaper, promotional pop-ins, and URL.

Smash also stands out with its API & SDK, providing an optimal solution for uploading and downloading files. Therefore, integration into automated workflows means no more concerns about file size limitations.

Pros Cons
Free plan Restricted validity duration
No limitations on file sizes
Near-user storage
Affordable subscription fees
Performs ephemeral file transfers
Extensive security measures
Versatile customization features

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